Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Let’s be honest for a minute here. All of you think that digital marketing is posting on social media, learning to use platforms and that’s it. Most of the students always waste 3-6 months learning digital marketing and in the end, the output is zero because they never learn to analyze the brand. That’s why, after learning about platform factor rules, they still take suggestions from people ” What they should do?”.

That’s why before teaching you Digital Marketing, I want to let you know these factors which you can use as a rule to navigate every brand.

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0:00 What you can do in 60 Sec?
1:47 Little announcement about my career
3:56 What is Digital Marketing & Differences with Traditional Marketing
5:46 Platforms of Digital Marketing
8:10 Four Stages to Navigate a Brand before Marketing
14:55 Bangladeshi Brands
16:40 Ending


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